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In a difficult economy, the competition for earning government and private grants is more cutthroat than ever.  You need every advantage you can find when it comes to learning how to locate grants and how to apply.   My guide to government and private grants provides this edge.  

In 374 jam-packed pages, you'll find 423 actual addresses.  I've uncovered 423 addresses & phone numbers of little-known, almost "secret" giveaway programs. These are not the well known programs that are in every book, but hard to find giveaways that very, very few people even know about!  What does that mean to you?  Your request for grants will have very little competition. Yes, you can soon have the money you want, and not be one of thousands of applicants!

My grant guide will teach you:

  • How to get a business loan even if you've never owned a business before.

  • How to buy a home from the government.

  • How to earn grants in the performing arts, including painting, drawing, poetry, acting, music, singing, film making, dancing.

  • How to cut through bureaucratic red tape when applying for your grant.

  • How to work at home on a government contract.

  • How to become a foster grandparent.

  • How to earn money for research.

  • How a grant can fund your entire education.

My staff and I have done what no politician will ever be able to do.  We've cut through the red-tape, read through mountains of rules and regulations, interviewed hundreds of bureaucrats, and boiled the government down to one informative guide FULL OF GOVERNMENT BENEFITS It's packed with everything you need to know about hundreds of programs from the federal as well as state governments, as well as private foundations. 

BUY MY GUIDE TODAY and you'll get a summary of each program, program requirements, how to apply, exactly what to say and the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the people who control the money.   It's all there...

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John Bogles
John Bogles,  Publisher

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