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Now, that's exactly what you'll be able to do with the amazing new book I've just published called The Insiders Guide To Cash & Government Benefits. And I want you to have it and examine it Completely Risk-FREE in your home. Yes, without risking one penny and without any delay you can profit from actual government windfalls like these:

[ $1,000.00 house-warming check from your Uncle Sam. If you bought a new home, apartment, co-op or trailer last year, $1,000.00 could be yours! Tax FREE! 

[ $50,000.00 from the government can help turn that new idea you've been tinkering with into gold. 

[ Get $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 and more to release the artist in you. Write a novel, paint a picture, create a film . . . and let the government pay you! 

[ Receive hundreds of dollars every month from the Veterans Administration for injuries you sustained after you left the service. 

[ Get a $3,500.00 government check to fix-up your house. 


Its almost impossible for the average American to search through all the government agencies and red-tape on their own. That's why most Americans have never collected even one dime of what is rightfully and lawfully theirs.

The Insiders Guide To Free Cash, is like the knife that opens up a tough, old oyster. Once we crack the shell for you, you'll be absolutely amazed at the Pearls of money, help and information just waiting to be taken! You'll know exactly what's available and what you have to do to get it. And usually, all you have to do is ask!

Money for Travel

If you love to travel, you can soon know the secrets to traveling free - yes, the government will pay for you. Or at the very least, you will pay only a fraction of the cost of what other people pay. Because there are little-known secrets from the government that will allow you to vacation for a greatly reduced cost.

[ Find out how to greatly reduce your next vacation bill by calling your trip and expenses a Business trip If you plan your vacation around a business-related convention, a new job search, or to look into a new business or opportunity, its a government approved vacation.
[ How turn any vacation into a legitimate business trip.
[ 3 government programs where you can travel to exotic places FREE and also get paid for it too!

Money for Businesses

Now you can finally launch the business you've always wanted. And the government will be more than happy to help. You could be like Dennis Washington who opened a locomotive repair shop in his Montana hometown with $10 million in low-cost financing from the government.

Or you could be like Chris Nguyen who started his dream business of making hand-made egg rolls. He got a $40,000 from the SBA. He later sold his business for over $9 million dollars. Plus ...

[ The Roland family got $300,000 from the government to start their own micro-brewery.
[ Country-Side Catering in Capac, MI got $105,000.
[ Bret Stern got $210,000 from the government to work from his apartment on a new invention.
[ Happy Time Day Care Center in Mt. Vernon, IL got $235,000.

These are only the beginning of what's available for you:

[ Find out about 16 government agencies who will give you money.
[ How to get your share of $4.5 Million in Free Cash for women who want to start their own business.
[ Where to get an 80% discount on office equipment and supplies.
[ How to get free tax consulting by the experts.
[ How to obtain private funding for your new business idea.
[ Get free videos on how to start and operate a business in your home.
[ How to get a $100,000 job at home on a government contract.
[ Do you have a great idea or invention? How to get $50,000 to work on it. 
[ How to get $10,000.00 to start your own craft business at home.
[ How to get free expert marketing advice for your business.
[ How to get computers, furniture, office equipment and supplies for pennies on the dollar from the government. You'll save thousands. 

Education Grants

You can get a first class education -- compliments of the U.S. Government. And these days when $40,000 for a college education is average, you'll want all the help you can get. When you learn about the money available to you from the government, you can ... Get $20,000 to go to dental school ... Get $10,000 to be a gourmet chef ... Get $30,000 to be a teacher ... Get $80,000 to be a lawyer ...You choose -- There is more than enough available. And all you have to do to claim it is ask.

[ How to get $9,000 for college -- almost guaranteed.
[ How to get your share of $20 billion in government financial aid for college.
[ Find out about all the types of loans and grants and how to apply.
[ Find out how to earn as you learn with college work study programs.
[ How to get money for students who want to go to medical school.
[ How to get money if you or a family member work for certain companies.

And this is just the small beginning. You will get pages and pages of free money grant sources. Plus who to write, who to talk to and everything else you need complete.


These days there is so much free money available for college that virtually anyone who wants to go can -- and for free. Recently the U.S. Congressional Committee announced that over $6.6 BILLION dollars in free scholarship money went unclaimed last year. That's from a total of $26 billion available to qualified college students.

In this book you will find dozens of scholarship sources to send your child to college for a fraction of the cost -- or even for FREE! This is FREE money set aside specifically and only for college students. For example, starting on page 240, there is money for:

[ The Kings Foundation - For anyone who lives in Texas.
[ Orville Redenbacher Scholarship - For students over 30.
[ Grandmothers For Peace - For students who will work for peace.
[ General Motors - For junior year students in engineering.
[ Wal-Mart - Over 1,500 awards for graduating high school seniors.
[ Swiss Benevolent Society - For students of Swiss descent.
[ The Dow Chemical Company - For minority students in science and engineering.

Money for disabled

If you're disabled in any way, you're very lucky in one regard. the government has millions of dollars that they have earmarked just for you. And if you're disabled, you automatically qualify. Receive hundreds of dollars every month from the veterans Administration for the injuries you sustained after you left the service. A hidden source -- page 284.

[ Cannot afford health insurance? Find out how to get 100% of your health costs covered by the government.
[ Get a first rate college education if you're deaf.
[ How to get financial, vocational and legal assistance if you're disabled.
[ How to get money for college that does not have to be paid back.

Social Security

You can join the millions of other Americans under the age of 65 ... who collect anywhere from $200 to $1,000 a month in free extra money from the $250 Billion a year Hidden Social Security give-away.

[ How your entire family may be eligible -- including your children -- for social security benefits. 
[ How over 40 million people now collect social Security -- at age 30.
[ How to get social security benefits if you are pregnant.
[ How your military record can get you EXTRA Social Security money now.
[ How students between the ages of 18 and 22 can get Social security cash benefits.
[ How you may be cheating yourself out of social Security benefits.
[ What to do right away if you have overpaid your social Security taxes. (Incredibly, 2 out of 3 people have overpaid.)
[ How to increase the amount of your payment if you are already on Social Security.
[ How to keep working and figure out how much you can earn without losing any of your benefits.
[ How to collect Social Security benefits no matter what age you are.
[ Get the house you've always wanted with big financial help from the government. 


The government literally has hundreds of things they give away absolutely free. For example:

[ How to get free tax assistance, free accounting advice and free research. 
[ Find out how to get free videos and seminars on how to start a business in your home.
[ How to get free crime insurance that protects your home and business against theft and loss. 
[ How to get your home 100% weatherized, free from the U.S. government. 
[ How to get free help for cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking problems.  
[ How to get free publications on just about any subject.
[ How to get over 75 free government sponsored videos to help you buy a home, start a business, save money on taxes, improve your health and more.

Cash for Your idea or hobby

Believe it or not, the government wants to give you money to turn your hobby into a business or to help you develop your idea or invention. Its free, so why not take advantage of it and get paid to do something you enjoy?

[ How to get $50,000.00 from the government that can help turn your new idea into
        gold. Page 214.
[ Get $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 or more to write a novel, paint a picture or create film. 
[ If you like to paint, sculpt, dance, write music, take photographs or act, you can get
        $5,000.00 to $10,000 to help you pursue your dreams.
[ How to protect your idea or invention for just $6.
[ How to sell your idea or invention to the government for cash.
[ How to get all the help advice and money you need if you are an inventor.

Free Money for women

Women have become more and more common and successful in the business world. Over the past 15 years the number of businesses owned by women has doubled. And, women-owned businesses were awarded over $2 billion in federal contracts last year. This all has caused the government to take a closer look at providing even more financial aid for women only.

[ Find out how to get the money that has been set aside for woman entrepreneurs.
[ How to get awarded a possible multi-million dollar government contract for women-owned businesses.
[ How to attend a free seminar to help you get a loan if you've been turned down. Plus get creative ideas to finance your business.
[ Need business help? How to get involved in a mentor network that will help you get started and make your fortune.
[ A list of the financial assistance available to you in your own home state. 

Money For Seniors

Being a senior will allow you to cash in on hundreds of government programs that others cannot. You paid into a system for all your working years, now its your turn to get back every dime you can.  These special programs will make your life a little easier.

[ $1,800.00 to warm you up! Special program for the elderly pays up to $1,800 to winterize your home.
[ FREE CASH EVERY MONTH! This government program will slash your heating bill all winter long. You pocket the savings to spend any way you like.
[ SAVE THOUSANDS! Live practically rent-free through this little- know government program. 
[ $15,000.00 FREE CASH to fix-up your home that never has to be repaid. Only for seniors ... and only if you know who to ask.
[ Thousands of dollars to spend any way you like! This special senior's-only program gives seniors the equity in their home BEFORE they sell the house, with NO MONTHLY LOAN PAYMENTS.
[ Save hundreds of dollars every year. Live wherever you like and let Uncle Sam help pay the rent.
[ Earn thousands of dollars well into your golden years with FREE job training and FREE job placement exclusively for people 55 and over.
[ Thousands of dollars in college tuition FREE -- regardless of your income.
[ SAVE $50 off your taxes every year.
[    Save hundreds of dollars -- get FREE or almost-free dentures and dental care.

Free Money for homes, Real Estate or housing

The government has a long history of wanting to help people get into their own homes. They are willing to give you money to buy, remodel or rebuild. All you have to do is know how to get it. No sense in throwing money away on rent when you can make money by owning your own home -- and the government will help.

[ Get a $1,000.00 house warming check from the government. If you bought a home last year, $1,000.00 could be yours. 
[ See how to get a $3,500.00 government check to fix-up your house.
[ You can lease 10 to 10,000 acres of land from the government for only $1 a year. Use the land for anything you want.
[ How to build a fortune in real estate with the government as your financial backer. 
[ Get $67,000 guaranteed by the government when you buy a condominium. 
[ Find out how to get in on a federal land lottery and get a great piece of land dirt cheap.
[ How to enjoy your dream home in the country with $60,000.00 from the government. 

Misc. Money And Benefits for You

[ How to get government money for being a foster grandparent.
[ Why you should never take no for an answer when asking for government money.
[ How to get free books and gifts from Uncles Sam.
[ Let the government help you find a job. 5 little-known agencies that can get you on the government payroll fast. 
[ 175 sources of FREE MONEY for health care, living expenses, bills, education and more.
[ How to get bargains -- for pennies on the dollar from government auctions.
[ How to write off your car, your home and summer vacations. This will put thousands back in your pocket every year. 
[ 293 foundations that give away over $500 million every year. And none of it ever has to be paid back.
[ How to locate a government expert on almost everything.
[ How to get the IRS to work FOR you and not against you. 
[ How you can protect your loved ones with free government health and safety
        inspections of your home.

This information is  hidden in a jumble of bureaucracy and red tape. But with The Insiders Guide To Free Cash , you'll get all the details on over 250 programs, sources and agencies just waiting to give you money, help or both. What you see here is only a very small sample.

Add $200 to $1,000.00 every month. That's what you can expect to see from having this book. You need to see it for yourself to know how valuable it really is. And all you have to click below and access the guide.

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